Honestly, I stumbled into the business side of essential oils by accident. I was already running a successful photography studio. I wasn’t looking for something else to do! Haha! But as I started using essential oils in our home and falling in love with Young Living’s safe, natural options for our family, I couldn’t help but tell others about our experiences.

So if you are thinking about building a business by sharing your love of natural solutions and essentials oils, I am here to help guide and mentor you along the way. Our team is full of an amazing network of strong business women land men leading the charge for healthier solutions in our homes and busting through the ceiling of any monthly income they’ve ever received!


COMPETITIVE COMPENSATION: Young Living offers a comprehensive compensation plan with the potential to earn commissions and bonuses.

Compensation Plan Highlights (PDF)

WHOLESALE PRICING: Save 24 percent off retail pricing on your Young Living products and save even more money with exclusive specials and promotions every month.

ESSENTIAL REWARDS: As a member you are eligible to enroll in the Essential Rewards Program and earn as much as 25% back in essential rewards points. This spends just like cash! I don’t know of any other rewards program like that!

EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCES: Participate in unique events such as the Global Leadership Cruise and Young Living’s Annual International Grand Convention, and experience the Seed To Seal process firsthand at the farm harvests and plantings.

COMMUNITY: When you get your starter kit you are joining a community of support. We hold your hand along the way to make sure you are comfortable and confident in using your essential oils and sharing your story with others. In addition to your enroller and sponsor, the entire Young Living family is always ready to assist, educate and encourage you in your wellness and business journey.

EDUCATION: Young Living continually provides health education opportunities through conventions, seminars, the blog and newsletters to keep you informed and assist you in your wellness progress. As your enroller and sponsor I am always around to help guide you as well. Our team has private Facebook groups full of educational resources both for wellness and building a business.

RECOGNITION: As you expand your own organization and advance toward the prestigious rank of Royal Crown Diamond, you will enjoy special recognition for your accomplishments and leadership.

Income Disclosure Statement

Young Living’s Compensation Plan is VERY GENEROUS, and the best part about it is that you have the ability to earn RESIDUAL INCOME.


BUT HOW DO I . . . ?

There’s no sales experience required. I can promise you that! Most of us don’t have big networks of people following us on social media. We don’t have background in the health and wellness industry either. We just love planting seeds and tell our wellness success stories. It just happens naturally. Just like you would share about a new restaurant you’ve tried or a Netflx series you love. It’s the same thing with Young Living and your essential oils.

Our team does have extensive resources to get you started out on the right foot though. Our private groups and training are designed to help you grow your business and achieve your financial and wellness goals. With us by your side loving and supporting you the whole way, you cannot fail! As you build your home business, know that you do not have to know it all! That is why we are here. To love, support and sustain you along the way. You aren’t just starting a business, you are joining a community of like-minded business owners. And you will love the extensive networking opportunities, the exclusive hands-on experiences with an amazing community around you.


We are stay-at-home moms and dads. We are teachers, students, virtual assistants, community volunteers, real estate agents, photographers, health care professionals and all around entrepreneurs. But we do all have one thing in common: we love our oils! So whether you are looking to just get some more information or you are ready to dive right in to start building your own business, we are here to answer all of your questions.


Good! Neither are we! We haven’t built our businesses by being rockstar salespeople. We have built them by sharing the products we love in order to help those around us. We use word of mouth and social media to connect with others. We build relationships and tell our personal success stories using Young Living products. We listen more than we talk. And we wait for people to come to us. We are not selling. We are not hounding our friends to buy oils. And we are certainly not “that girl” on social media getting blocked for constantly posting another sale!

We have a blast teaching in-person classes and online workshops as a team! Nervous to share? Worried about how people will respond? Turn your thoughts around. How could you help someone by telling your story? If you know you have something that will help a friend would you not tell them about it? We have seen incredible testimonies of health through Young Living. So we encourage you to dig deep, be honest with those around you, get vulnerable and connect with people in a real way.


In this business there is no need to know everything. There is no need to be an expert. Essential oils work differently for everyone. We teach in a way that empowers others to do their own research. No one person has all the answers. The good thing is that we have amazing resources to plug into like Facebook groups with team contributions and active discussions, leadership calls and comprehensive training videos.

You also do not have to reinvent the wheel! Our team offers beautiful class templates and professional, cohesive marketing materials that make it simple to build a business without having to do everything on your own. Our groups are all about engagement, positivity and team building. Our upline leadership makes themselves available to answer questions and help us reach our goals. They have been such an amazing support to me, so rest assured you will have support every step of the way.



When you sign up a new wholesale member who also gets a Premium Starter Kits, you will earn $50 ($25 from the starter kit bonus + $25 from the fast start bonus).


Sign up a friend with a Premium Starter Kit and earn $25 with the Starter Kit Bonus.


Earn a generous 25% bonus on your new personally enrolled members orders during the first three calendar months.

There are so many other bonuses and shares of Young Living’s commissionable sales to earn! It really adds up as you build your business and team!

Here’s the Compensation Plan PDF again. I’m happy to go over it with you. We train on this as well so that you are fully educated on every way to add to your monthly income!


When you get your own Premium Starter Kit, there is no monthly minimum to spend. But while that is true, you will be leaving money on the table if you don’t spend 50 PV to earn the Starter Kit and Fast Start Bonuses. (PV stands for Personal Volume: Every product is assigned a PV Value. Consumables like oils usually have a 1:1 PV. So if an oil is $25, then it will have a 25 PV. There are a few exceptions with tools and diffusers not being 1:1 but it’s rare.)

So you don’t technically have to spend that 50 PV, but you will totally be missing out on the free oils with that order! Just one sign up will pay for those oils! You spend 50 PV in product and earn $50 in a THANK YOU CHECK from Young Living!


You’ll earn almost enough to cover your Premium Starter Kit. Enroll more in a month and you’re making even more money!

After a member is with you for 3 months, you can qualify for Unilevel Commissions (8% of their total PV for the month) when you spend 100 PV (so easy when ditching & switching using Essential Rewards). At this point you’ll see that for those you’ve signed up will start sharing too. And with Unilevel Commissions, you earn on members on your Level 2, 3, and so on. See how I told you it adds up quickly?

You can also earn 24% commission when you sign up retail members, but you don’t earn residual income for retail. For that reason I always recommend wholesale membership. It’s just an awesome deal any way you look at it and builds you up for financial freedom.


What could you do with an extra $261 a month? Or how about an extra $2,335 a month? It can be done y’all. We can show you how.


Whether you just want to pay for your new essential oils or you wanna run this thing, it’s your call. Want to dabble? No problem. Wanna go all in? I can point you in the right direction and set you up for success beyond your wildest dreams. It’s up to you mama.