Hey there!  I'm Jena.

Here's a quick rundown of who I am:

Also, I love jeans, graphic t-shirts and 90's hip hop.

Photography is my passion. I have always loved it, everything about it - the art, the light, the people, the business and marketing. Over the years I’ve given that industry more of me than I should have, to the point where it cost me my health.

I’ve made every mistake in the book:

  • Fast, easy frozen pizza nights

  • Buying the cheapest cleaning I could find at Walmart

  • Burning all the fall candles and plug-ins

  • Skipping meal after meal (not purposely) because I was too busy to stop and eat

  • Lathering my body with smell good lotions from Bath & Body Works

  • Running to the doctor every time we had a sniffle for over prescribed medicines

Today it’s a different story. We are doing our best as a family to heal our bodies from the inside out and only using pure, natural products. Here’s a few key things we’ve changed:

  • Cut out sugars and processed foods

  • Organic and Non-GMO foods only

  • No more chemical cleaners, only non-toxic, essential oil infused cleaners

  • Non-toxic makeup and personal care products only

  • Tons of nutrient-rich veggies, healthy fats and minimal animal proteins

Like I said earlier, these have not always been a priority. But they sure are now.

I've been on a mission to detox my life and home for a few years now.  We are simplifying the way we do things at home and in the studio.  In all areas - with our health & wellness, our schedules, our workflows, everything.  It's not easy and sometimes I am dragging my family with me kicking & screaming, but we are getting there!  

With a recent cancer scare I've gotten more serious than ever about getting the chemicals out of our home, medicine cabinets and pantry.  We eat as much organic and non-processed foods as we possibly can.  We have stopped buying grocery store cleaning and personal products, and we are supporting our bodies with pure essentials oils.

Here’s my real life, face palm moment of realization:

I am no good to anybody without my health. All of my priorities, my passions, my purpose . . . they are nothing without wellness. In order to make an impact in the lives of others I need to be healthy. Plain and simple.

I'm so glad you found me here, whether it’s because you want to get healthy too, you are interested in the power of essential oils, you’ve had a cancer scare of your own or battled it or you are just one hot mess of a mama who needs somebody to walk by your side . . . There is a better way y’all. I want that for you! And I can't wait to share #allthethings with you :)

See you around!


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