Winter Wellness Toolkit

Winter is here. And we all know what that means. Colds! Flu! Germs! Ugh.

winter wellness toolkit 2.jpg

Staying well is on the top of my list this season! Here’s a few essential oils and essential oil blends we keep on hand at home in our “Winter Wellness Toolkit”:

  • R.C. for all things "Respiratory Congestion." I like to pair it with Lemon or Thieves in the diffuser and to make roller balls for everyone's chests during the fall/winter.

  • Ravinstara is the main ingredient in Vick's Vapor rub also known as Camphor. We use this with coconut oil and make our own natural version - no chemicals for the win! 

  • Snifflease. This blend is pre-diluted and ready to use on little ones. I love diffusing this or applying on their little chests, backs and throats when needed.

  • Thieves, the sacred blend around here. Don't be caught without it. It is THE immune booster of all immune boosters.

  • Eucalyptus Radiata. This oil is perfect diffusing in a steamy bathroom for almost instant relief. Breathe it in y’all!

  • Raven. This is a blend of support oils for some powerful respiratory support. This one is great in the diffuser as well.

  • Breathe Again Roll On. One of our most used and traveled with oils for our family.

  • Inner Defense. Start taking this immediately when you feel something coming on. (this is for you mama)

Be sure to get in plenty of your organic veggies and fruits too! Cut out those processed foods and sugars to keep your energy levels consistent and your digestive system working well too!

Not sure how to where to get started with essential oils? Have a look here :)