Why You Should Just Ditch The Candles This Fall

Here’s a not so fun fact that we all have to face.

The air INSIDE our homes is generally far worse for our health than the air outside.

Wanna know why?

It is largely because we are buying toxins like formaldehyde in the things we use in our homes everyday like candles and household products!

We are buying illness y’all!

Friends, I used to burn the Yankee candles, the Bath & Body Works candles and even those Glade plug-ins. I got them from Hobby Lobby, Cracker Barrel, Walmart, Target, Ikea . . . you name it, I had them. So please know that I have ZERO judgment here!

BUT, I have faith that mamas like us will make CHANGES once we know that we are making an AWFUL MISTAKE. And I mean SERIOUSLY AWFUL y’all.

As soon as I switched from burning toxic candles to diffusing pure essential oils, we saw significant changes. My brain fog was gone. I wasn’t coughing. That little catch in my throat was gone too. And so were my headaches.

Those candles and air fresheners that smell like pumpkin pie, snickerdoodles, a crisp fall breeze? Toxic.

The household cleaners so many of us use? Toxic.

Scented candles are just pretty cigarettes in our homes, poisoning our families.

Also, once you stop sniffing those toxic chemicals for a while, you'll find they give you a raging headache instantly! That speaks volumes to me.  I can’t even walk down that aisle in the grocery store anymore.

We are seriously spending our money to bring illness into our home, mamas! It's insanity! We are buying illness like:

  • Asthma

  • Respiratory Infections

  • Skin allergies

  • Reproductive problems

  • Developmental problems 

  • Cancer

This list is not exhaustive at all. The health problems go on and on.

With 70,000 and 100,000 new chemicals in the market over the last 50 years, it's nearly impossible to avoid but every baby step toward TOXIN-FREE LIVING give our children a better chance at health and their future!

If you're still buying illness and burning candles, time to rise up and do your family a big, huge favor. Our children deserve our best! Time to know better and do better, mama!


I'm gonna throw you an EASY BUTTON to swap our ALL your air fresheners and scented candles.


Know better. Do better. Feel better.

And since you still want those awesome fall scents in your home, try this wonderful fall go-to in our home. Pumpkin Spice y’all!

Pumpkin Spice blend:
+ 3 drops cinnamon bark
+ 3 drops clove
+ 2 drops nutmeg
+ 2 drops ginger
+ 2 drops orange

Ready to ditch the candles and get started down your own wellness journey. I sure would love to help you. I started mine by purchasing the Premium Starter Kit. It was the best $160 I have ever spent. That beautiful diffuser and those 11 pure essential oils changed my life.

You can get yours here.

Or I am always open for a chat if you have any questions before you do. Send me a message and we’ll set up a video chat :)