Sometimes Plans Are Overrated

Today didn’t go as planned. And I like plans. 

I woke up and immediately my mind was racing with things to do. It is Sunday, the day I get all prepped for the week ahead.  Not the day of rest. Not for me. I’m the planner. The doer. 

I made my list and continued to add to it as I got ready for church. I was frantic about getting out the door on time. 

Of course, I had given my husband something to do during this time. Because, you know, the planner likes to be efficient. Well, he didn’t live up to my expectations. And that didn’t sit too well with me. I started a fight. A completely ridiculous one. And sent him and the kids on to church. I stayed home and worked my way down the list. 

Laundry, meal prep, planning the week, catching up on email, making my list of things to do for clients this week. It goes on and on. 

By the time everyone was home I had calmed down and realized how much I had overreacted. After an apology and some good conversation the day got progressively better. 


I never made it to the grocery store. The laundry still isn’t done. And the floors should probably be swept. 

But I let go. I let go of the list, of the plans. And just let the day take me where it was going to take me. 

After weeks of bone chilling cold temperatures and a few snow storms the sun is finally out! My oldest son asked to go fishing with a friend, prompting me to get outside too. I took a book down to the dock and sat by the lake to read. It’s so quiet down there. 

After a good while of enjoying it by myself I walked back up to the house to grab the rest of the family. We spent the afternoon skipping rocks, throwing sticks for the dogs to fetch and just goofing off down by the water. It was just what I needed. I have no pictures to prove it, only the sweet memories to hold onto. And that’s ok. I wasn’t worried about pictures. I just wanted to be in the moment. 

Sometimes plans are overrated.