My Favorite Podcasts For Creative Entrepreneurs

I confess.   I am a podcast junkie and admittedly, I'd love to have one myself one of these days. 


As a creative entrepreneur here are a few of my all time favorite podcasts:

The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

Creative Empire Podcast with Reina and Christina

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

The BossMom Podcast with Dana Malstaff

The Ellechat Podcast with Lauren Hooker

The Influencer Podcast with Julie Soloman

The Purposeful Home Podcast with Allie Casazza & Kelsey Van Kirk

The Strategy Hour with Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams


Because I like so many different podcasts I have to be creative about how and where I get to listen to them.  Here's a few places I fill my idle time:

  1. In the car (obviously).  This is my favorite place because it fills the time and really makes me feel like I'm being productive with my time.

  2. On the elliptical or when I'm just doing some low key workout like stretching or weight resistant exercises.

  3. In the shower (haha).  I bought myself this handy little waterproof bluetooth speaker and it's so awesome!  

  4. In the laundry room.  This one needs no explanation I'm sure ladies :)


So there ya go.  I hope you find some of these podcasts helpful.  Am I missing out on some great ones?  I'd love to know what you're listening to lately.  Leave a comment below and tell me which podcasts you love!