Glowy Skin Roller Blend

When you need a little more support for your skin and you’re just craving that glowy summer look, give this roller blend a try. It’s full of some wonderful essential oils to help us tired mamas out!

As most of you already know I only trust Young Living Essential Oils for their purity (here’s why).

This roller blend is so easy to make. Add 7 drops of each of the following essential oils and top your roller (I like these amber ones) off with organic jojoba oil (here’s a great one).

  • Lemon. Helps reduce the appearance of aging. Umm yes!

  • Purification. Soothing and purifying. The name says it all.

  • Tea Tree. Skin cleansing and reduces the appearance of blemishes.

  • Frankincense. Reduces the appearance of uneven skin tones.

Be careful to only use this roller blend at night. There could be some photosensitivity with the lemon essential oil and you do not want to be in the sun after applying it.

Glowy Skin Roller Blend.jpg