Essential Oils 101: Frankincense

Frankincense:  one of the many oils in the starter kit.  I have fallen in love with it already!  I am mostly using it in my nighttime skin care routine right now :)

This is a wonderful all-around oil.  It's anti-inflammatory, astringent, antiseptic, and disinfectant.

Because of these properties, Frankincense is often used for skin care, cellular rejuvenation (for anti-aging), balancing female hormones, and wound healing, just to name just a few uses. 

Here's a few more:

1. Boosts the immune system
Did you know that diffusing Frankincense essential oil cleans the air and space in the room?  Me neither!  It can be used aromatically or topically and evidence shows it helps the body fight off infections as well. 

2. Speeds wound healing & helps prevent infections
Due to the antiseptic properties of Frankincense, it helps speed up healing of wounds, including burns, scrapes, and cuts while significantly decreasing the risk of infection. You can apply it to wounds diluted in a carrier oil (like coconut oil or jojoba oil)  or you can create a salve for faster healing.

3. Mood enhancer / Stress reliever
Frankincense contains chemicals that help relieve negative feelings (like stress, anger, sadness). I'm definitely making a roll-on of this one & keeping it in my purse!! 👛

4. Skin care
Frankincense has been proven to help support the function of your cells, including cell turnover.  It's often found in high quality skin care products, but you can simply add it to your own unscented lotions and creams! 💁‍♀️

It can help reduce scars and stretch marks, reduce age spots, and help with wrinkles too!  Thank you Jesus!

There are soooo many other uses too - oral health, digestive issues, household cleaning.  Seriously, this is one powerhouse of an essential oil.  It will definitely be a staple around our home 💗

Ready to try Frankincense for yourself?  It's one of the many everyday essential oils included in our Premium Starter Kit.  Get yours here and join an amazing group of women working hard to improve our health and homes together!