Crossfit ONE: Push-ups, Sit-ups, Squats

When I’ve gotten out of an exercise routine the one workout I fall back on to get me started is something pretty simple:  pushups, sit-ups, squats.

It’s as “easy” as it seems.  Haha!  

I do 5 -10 rounds of 10 reps each of each exercise. 

So, the workout would go:

10 push-ups

10 sit-ups

10 squats

And repeat! 



If you need to alter the workout, then do it!  There have been times when I had to do “girl” push-ups or maybe even dips on a chair or bench.  

The opposite is true too.  You can make it tougher by adding weight!  Grab a kettlebell for the squats or a weighted ball for the sit-ups.  

You got this girl!